Branded shopping experience


A limited-time user experience celebrating the different things that help make a woman confident. Venus Day will be an event where valued Venus customers and passersby can interject a "social spa day" into their routine.

Digital and physical invitation to the event: 

The Event:

Space Layout:

Photoshoot Space:

Venus VIP costumers will have the opportunity to participate in a photoshoot after their spa day experience, allowing them to expand on their confidence while capturing their moment of glow. While this takes place, the photographer will select a word that best describes that woman and her authenticity, and have it display behind her in the photoshoot scene. 

Goodie Bag:

Every Venus day guest who participates in the photo shoot will receive a branded goodie bag, complete with a Venus tote, water bottle, catalog and bandana. 


All products purchased at the event will be sent in a box custom to Venus day. Each piece will include a custom tag sewn into the garment with an empowering adjective shown instead of the size, to remind woman that they are worth more than a measurement. 

In collaboration with: Venus Fashion marketing team. | Tel: +57 300 396 3228